Power Outages ~ Oh My ~ What Should I Do?

The storm rolls in and in an instant, you are sitting in the dark.  What do you do?  Who should you call?  What happens now?  These are all questions that go through our minds immediately.  Here are some answers, tips Continue reading

Text Oncor Program

October is ADHD Awareness Month

October is National ADHD Awareness Month.  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a non-discriminatory disorder affecting people of every age, gender, IQ and socioeconomic background.  It is estimated that nearly 17 million Americans are affected by ADHD.  What Is ADHD? ADHD Continue reading


Get Fired Up About Family Fire Safety

Guest Blogger: Autumn Rose Reo According to the National Fire Protection Association (www.nfpa.org), an average of 7 people die every day in U.S. house fires. Unfortunately many times the cause of a fire could have been prevented with some small Continue reading

Family Fire Escape Plan