Walking in the Lion’s Den

Have you ever wanted to really do something but quickly became overtaken with fear?  I have many of times.  I always wanted to blog; however, when I tried to start, I would get shakes and an increased heart rate.  Actually Continue reading


Staying Active Will Keep You Active!

If you don’t use it, you lose it.  That is so true for both your mind and your body.  “I’m too old to learn that.” or “I’m too old to do that.”    Do you hear those words from your parents, Continue reading

Mom on the Boat

Meal Prep Hack: Breakfast Popsicles

My News Year’s resolution for 2015 was to meal prep every week for me and my husband. Honestly, it’s been going great. It might be the only New Year’s Resolution I’ve ever consistently kept up. One of the issues we’ve Continue reading

Intriguing Summer Reading: Power My Life’s Reading List

Summer reading lists are usually filled with required school reading or new releases. But we see opportunity where those two meet, so we’ve created our own list of favorites – you might even say classics – to dive into this Continue reading

7 Tips for Finding a STEM Program or Camp This Summer

Looking for a STEM Summer Program or Camp for Your Child? Read these 7 tips first. Many families associate summer camps with campfires, sing-alongs and hikes through the woods. But with more Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) summer programs Continue reading

Donate Camp Supplies and Support the Kids of Genesis Women’s Shelter

By guest blogger, Angela Ulrich (@angela_ulrich), who is a graphic designer and blogger at Dallas Food Nerd (DallasFoodNerd.com), a local blog where she writes about the various restaurant and food news happening in Dallas. Genesis Women’s Shelter has made it Continue reading

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