Kite Flying is a Breeze: How & Where to Fly in North Texas

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Delta, dragon, diamond, box, acrobatic and parafoil—those are just a few of the terms my 6-year-old and I discovered as we researched her latest obsession: kites. We’ve also been reading kite flying tips, learning about kite safety and looking up the best places to fly around Dallas. Check out some of our research below.

Learning to Fly

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BreezeChasers breaks down the difference between a delta, diamond, dragon, etc. and helps you pick out the best kites for kids. The site also shares great tips for helping young kite fliers master the basics.

Flying Kites Safely

Check out National Kite Month’s safety checklist to ensure you are flying responsibly. Whether you are new to kite flying or it’s been a long-standing hobby, it’s important for everyone to practice the three C’s of kite safety: Caution, Courtesy and Common Sense.

  • Always fly your kite in an open and clear area, such as a field, park or beach. NEVER fly around over roads or near airports.
  • Keep kites far away from power lines. If the wind pushes your kite near a power line, let go of it. If your kite or kite line ever crosses a power line, do not try to retrieve it yourself. Electricity in clouds is attracted to damp kite lines, so never fly in rain or lightening.
  • Watch out for people, buildings and kite-eating trees. As the wind goes over and around trees and buildings, it gets bumpy and makes it difficult to fly kites. If your kite gets stuck in a tree, don’t try to retrieve it as you risk falling and becoming injured.
  • Never attach anything to your kite that’s metallic, such as wire, string, or fabric.  Use 100 percent cotton string.

Kite Festivals in North Texas

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You don’t have to travel far to chase the wind and experience the art and fun of kite flying with other kite enthusiasts. I connected with a great local group, the Dallas Area Kitefliers Organization to learn about where to fly in North Texas. Here are a few opportunities to get in on the action:

Please share any of your tips or resources below. We’d love to hear about any other annual kite events in your area as well.

7 thoughts on “Kite Flying is a Breeze: How & Where to Fly in North Texas

  1. Nice write up Stacey!!

    Big Mikes Kites is local and has the big red trailer. www.

    We also have Family Fun Kites & Rainbow4Sail too…

    Safely tug your kite and have fun!!!

    • Thank you for serving as a resource, Chris! I included a link to DAKO in the article.

      My daughter and I are looking forward to all of the upcoming events! (Those are pics of her at the Zilker Kite Festival in 2013.)

  2. Great post – looking forward to checking out some of the upcoming festivals you mentioned. My 4 year old has been talking quite a bit of about kite flying lately!

    • Thanks, Nancy. We are enjoying our new past-time and are looking forward to the next festival as well. Last weekend we discovered a couple of new spots for kite-flying in Dallas – White Rock Lake and Flag Pole Hill. Lots of fun!

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