Looking for Bluebonnets? Try Ennis’s Bluebonnet Trails and Festival.

Every year in April, for the whole month, the town of Ennis turns into Bluebonnet heaven.  The garden club produces a map that has various routes around the area to see the best bluebonnets.   One weekend is designated as the Bluebonnet Festival and downtown becomes filled with great booths, great food, entertainment and kid’s rides.  This year that will be April 12-13. 

Native bluebonnet that I saved from the mower by transplanting it in a pot.

Native bluebonnet that I saved from the mower by transplanting it in a pot.

A little history about this festival: Ennis was designated by the 1997 State Legislature as the Official Texas Bluebonnet Trail and the Official Bluebonnet City of Texas.  During the month of April, over 10,000 visitors come to Ennis to view the Bluebonnets and drive some of the 40 miles of mapped trails around the area.  You can check the status of the bluebonnets on various websites and even download the trails map at http://www.visitennis.org/bluebonnet.htm.  Just in case you do not know where Ennis is, it is just a short drive from Dallas (about 32 miles) south on I-45 or about an hour from downtown Fort Worth (about 65 miles) on Hwy 287 South.

I have seen some already popping their blooms in some areas this year, but they are usually at their best thethird week of the month.  This year, with all the late cold that we have had, they may be later.  The above web site will tell you for sure or you can call the Ennis Convention and Visitors bureau by phone to get the latest Bluebonnet status at 972-878-4748. Make sure that you take the trail that goes through Bristol and Sugar Ridge Road for amazing views and great Bluebonnets … that is my favorite. Even as a resident, I drive that one several times each April.

pastures of bluebonnets have a smell that is wonderful.There are even white ones in Ennis.

pastures of bluebonnets have a smell that is wonderful and there are white ones sometimes near Ennis.

You can submit any pictures that you take to the web site as well for the annual photo contest.  Just looking at the photos on the web site will show you some of the great views you can find. Remember to take care when you are taking pictures of family to not destroy the bluebonnet beauty for those that follow you.  Tiptoe!

If you want to come for the weekend, there are many hotels in the area with “Bluebonnet specials” but book early.  There is also a NRHA Drag Race in Ennis the same weekend as the Bluebonnet Festival, for those of you with the need for speed … for more on that you can look at the Texas Motorplex web site at http://texasmotorplex.com/.

I entered this one in the contest one year. Triplet babies - just too cute!

I entered this one in the contest one year. Triplet babies – just too cute!

Take a short ride to Ennis and see the Best Bluebonnets!  Free trail map and a great way to spend the day with your family.  Picture opportunities abound that will last for a lifetime.


8 thoughts on “Looking for Bluebonnets? Try Ennis’s Bluebonnet Trails and Festival.

  1. Great article Debbie! The bluebonnets are always so beautiful! We need to remember to slow down and take a break and cruise down to Ennis for a little relaxation!

    • thanks Pam… I agree – we always seem to have to much to do to enjoy the flowers… and friends!

  2. Good job Debbie! We go to the Bluebonnet Festival every year, it is always great! Love the picture of your Triplet Babies !

    • Thanks Marsha… Make sure you get the map and check out the Sugar Ridge road area. The views are amazing up on that hill.

    • thanks Sherri… if you have not seen the difference between the wild native Bluebonnets that can be the size of your fist and the domestic ones that are smaller with less leaves and stem which are often planted along highways.. you should check out the back roads of Ennis. Just amazing!

  3. I might go and check out the trail you mentioned along Bristol and Sugar Ridge Road, sounds like good place away from the highway to take pictures of my kids.

  4. You just brought a rush of happy times and wonderful spring memories in Ennis! I love the Bluebonnet Trails there and agree that the ones around Bristol and Sugar Ridge Road are superb! Good story!

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