No Fuss Flower Bed Creation

Several years ago after moving into a new home, I decided I needed a few more flower beds.  The problem: a well established Bermuda lawn.   The thought of digging up all that grass made me think twice about the beds.  So, I took to the internet and discovered this no fuss way of creating a flowerbed without a lot of back-breaking work.  With some newspaper, nitrogen high compost materials, mulch and Mother Nature, you are on your way to a beautiful, no fuss flower bed.

Here are the steps.

  1. Determine where you want the beds.
  2. Cut the grass very low.
  3. Add several layers of newspaper; covering your desired area, watering the paper as you go.
  4. If you edge your bed with stones, place the stones directly on the wet newspaper.
  5. Add 1-3 inch layer of composted manure.
  6. Add 1-3 layers of wood chips or mulch.
  7. Re-water the area, giving it a good soaking. Create Beautiful Flowerbeds

All these layers help to smother the grass, and lock in moisture; allowing the grass to decompose with the other organics to make a very fertile and workable flower bed. In about 6 weeks, you are ready to plant. It’s best to do this when the weather is warm. The warmth will help break down the layers.
I also recommend the use of perennial plants when possible. These types of plants return year after year. One investment leads to years of enjoyment. Contact a local Master Gardener for their plant recommendations. Not all plants grow well everywhere. Local soil type makes a huge difference.

OxalisSpring is a wonderful time of year, a time of fresh starts and vibrant colors. Make the most of your yard with beautiful flower beds, with minimal effort. Happy Gardening!lantanaHydrangea

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